To be truly beautiful one must first find inner peace.

Inner Peace Beauty Rooms was founded in 2004 by Catherine Roche. Catherine qualified as an aesthetician electrolysist cosmetologist in 1995 and has since gone on to become a advanced skin therapist and educator for a renown derma cosmeceutical range

Our philosophy here at Inner Peace is that your whole being is affected by your lifestyle and circumstances which is why when choosing skin care we went for one that would heal and treat a condition and not just mask a superficial symptom
To enhance such exciting and dramatic results within the skin we also offer relaxing and therapeutic therapies such as reflexology,aromatherapy ,healing treatments and massage to balance the harmony from within and let your inner glow shine through.
Once you have found Inner Peace you can feel confident that all of your skin concerns be it lines,wrinkles ,acne ,pigmentation or unwanted hair can be treated effectively and economically in a spacious and serene environment by a fully qualified staff that are constantly upgrading their already highly skilled résumé and will greet you with a warm and friendly smile.
We look forward to meeting you soon