Facial Treatments


Nimue Rejuvenation Treatment:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex smooths and re-textures environmentally, pigmented or acned ski.

1hr: €75

Super Rejuvenation Treatment:

Works as the above combing result and complete pampering. Indulge with pressure point massage and traditional effleurage to release tension and wipeout worry lines followed by specialise serum and mask.

90mins: €98


Nimue Glycolic Treatment:

A standard active skin exfoliation treatment indicated for environmentally damaged hyper-pigmented and problematic ski classifications. The glycolic peel provides controlled and predictable removal of dead skin cells. This treatment improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

1hr: €80


Nimue Chemibrasion Treatment:

An innovative treatment concept that adds a new dimension to deep yet safe exfoliation in a treatment mask without aggression and negative side effects.

Nimue Chemibrasion is different to all other procedures in that it offers a slow delivery of a unique blend of active ingredients that exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin with dramatic results. It is suitable for all skin classifications and phototypes and can be used on hands, arms, decollete, neck & face.


Alpha Lipoic Treatment:

This super antioxidant treatment utilises the latest in ingredient technology to improve skin elasticity, tone & texture.



Specialised Treatment:

This specialised pampering treatment is customised to the clients’ specific needs.



Deep Cleansing Treatment:

Provides instant results with power cleanse, steam and extractions, healing treatment & mask.







Mini Facial:

This complete treatment achieves maximum results in minimum times. Ideal for people on the go!



Dermalogica Prescription Facial:

Tired dull skin with congestion will benefit from this stimulating facial. A totally pampering, deep cleanse to suit individual needs.

75mins: €75


Dermalogica Specialised Treatment:

This facial uses 100% pure and natural essentials oils, which will be adapted to the clients, skin type. The duration of the facial is 1hr 30mins and it a totally manual treatment, using pressure points from shiatsu, lymphatic drainage to re-oxygenate and brighten the complexion, calm down sensitivity of the capillaries, pincements jacquets which will stimulate and tonify the ski. Each method will be applied in conjunction with the clients needs. A very relaxing experience and a guaranteed radiant complexion after the facial.

90mins: €100


Back Treatment:

Deep Cleansing and refreshing treatment cleanses the hard to reach area and is ideal for problematic skin.




Using Apilus Senior 2, the gentle way to permanent hair removal. Disposable needle guaranteed for each client at each visit.

15mins: €33

30mins: €55

45mins: €80


Eye Care:

Eyelash tint: €18

Eyebrow tint: €14

Eyebrow trim/wax: €12

Eyelash & brow tint and trim (3 in 1): €35

False Eyelash application: €25


*a 24hr patch test is required to all tinting treatments.

Make-up/Cosmetic treatments:


Cleanse and Make-up: €30

Make-up lesson: €60